The Prestige Collision Services Process

Different collision require different timelines for things to happen, but the process outlined below is how we ensure that your car is repaired safely and that you understand what is happening with your vehicle.


We begin every repair with having a discussion with you about what happened and answering any questions that you have about what will happen during the repair process. We will discuss timelines and expectations with you.

  1. If your vehicle is drivable we may schedule time to write an initial estimate and schedule your vehicle in at a later date. If you know that Prestige is repairing your vehicle, we may skip the estimate until we have the car in our possession and can write a complete repair plan. For non-drivable vehicles we will schedule in the disassembly and inspection date and discuss that with you.


  1. Once we have the vehicle at the shop for repairs we will completely disassemble the vehicles damaged areas and complete a comprehensive repair plan that includes exploring OEM repair manuals and procedures and establishing a cost to repair the vehicle.


  1. We present our complete repair plan to you and discuss items such as part usage, items that may or may not be covered by your policy, required repairs from your vehicles maker and determine the plan of action for repair.


  1. Order parts and begin the repair process. This process may include structural realignment, body repairs, mechanical repairs and refinishing of the vehicle’s damaged body parts.


  1. Calibrations and final inspections of repaired areas. During this step we ensure that all driver assist features and all electronics are operating as performed.


  1. Meet with you and discuss repairs, review repaired areas and deliver your vehicle back to you.